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Recent speculation about a recession sound very much like news reports from 2001. Just like then, I'm making recession proof UNIX Administration professionals all over the world.

Sun Solaris is the most popular and high profile flavor of the UNIX operating system found in the world today. It is the operating system of choice in financial, publishing, government and military intelligence environments and offers job opportunities world wide regardless of the current job market. Well trained Solaris UNIX Administrators are always in demand. I know this because over the last 14 years, I have been bombarded by thousands of calls from recruiters asking me if I'm interested in a particular position. You're going to end up with the same problem when I'm done with you.

I train my students based upon what I know you need to succeed in the workplace. I include material to help you pass the Sun SCSA certification exams but getting those certificates **should not** be the focus of your training because having the SCSA certification without hands-on skills will not get you hired!

You're going to need a lot of hands on experience, hence the unlimited access to the lab and the free Sun workstation you get with the course.

  • You're going to need someone to teach you the basics first and make you a command line wizard.
  • You're going to need a mentor who has been through the process of getting students hired as UNIX Administrators.
  • You're going to need to know a lot more than what is covered on the Sun SCSA exams like Veritas, Perl, Netbackup etc.
  • You're going to need to know the questions you will be asked during your interview for your UNIX Admin position.
  • You're going to need support after you are on the job. Yup, I do that for my students too.
  • You're going to need specially crafted resume (CV) bullet items with documented proof of your skills to match to get hired as a well paid UNIX Administrator.

My training program is for people who want to become highly paid UNIX Administrators. Once you start, I guarantee that I will not stop teaching you, supporting you and mentoring you until you achieve your career goals. It will take between three and twelve months, but it'll be worth it.

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We currently have our Intro to Unix course available online, and are offering this course for FREE so you're ready to move on to the Administration Course!

Please fill in the form below. I will create your course login and set up your user shell account so you can practice all the basics of UNIX on a real Solaris 10 server.

IMPORTANT: Please tell me what you want to achieve by learning UNIX Administration in the "Your Goals" section of the form. For example, higher salary, promotion, entry into the field, to be able to handle new job responsibilities etc. Please tell me what you need so I can recommend a specific course of action for you. --Steve

(**Privacy Policy: I will never sell your personal information to any other party. I may send you occasional newsletters which you can opt out of at any time.**)

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