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The course material is presented in a unique way. I chose to use both text and video together because I have found over the years that reading alone isn't enough. You have to read the material first and get your mind prepared to accept what is then shown in the video. When you then login to the lab, you really cement the knowledge. It is my strongest held belief that reading, watching and listening and then doing is the solution to acquiring knowledge and retaining that knowledge long term.

I also inserted reality based examples and anecdotes from my own experience. I point out things like best practices and realistic scenarios that you are likely to experience on the job and show you how to handle them. Statements like “When you are on the job you will get a request to ....” and “oftentimes you will be asked to.....” appear throughout the course. This approach prepares you for the workplace, not just passing certification exams. Take a look at an online demo of the course by clicking on the image below.

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