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Solaris 10 Certification
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We currently have our Intro to Unix course available online, and are offering this course for FREE so you're ready to move on to the Administration Course!

Please fill in the form below. I will create your course login and set up your user shell account so you can practice all the basics of UNIX on a real Solaris 10 server.

IMPORTANT: Please tell me what you want to achieve by learning UNIX Administration in the "Your Goals"section of the form. For example, higher salary, promotion, entry into the field, to be able to handle new job responsibilities etc. Please tell me what you need so I can recommend a specific course of action for you. --Steve

(**Privacy Policy: I will never sell your personal information to any other party. I will send you occasional newsletters which you can opt out of at any time.**)

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Feel free to contact Steve via email steve@marztraining.com

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