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Q: How much time will I need to put in? How long will it take for me to finish the course?
A: It takes about 500 hours of study under the guidance of someone who has been there and can steer you through the maze. With that information we can see that it can take up to a year given ten hours of study per week. I wish I could make it go faster, but the skills and experience you need to be successful simply takes time and effort. If it were quick and easy, the field of UNIX Administration would be low paying and there would be no open jobs.

Q: Why do you give away a Sun Sparc workstation to your students? Can't we just use log into the lab?
A: The lab is good for practice and on the fly experimentation. Your dedicated servers will only be managed by you. However, having a box at home or at work will allow you to host real world services like a web server, database server, application development environment or anything else you want. When you finish the course and are on the job, your Sun Sparc workstation is still yours to keep.

Q: Can I get a different workstation?
A: Yes, if you need or want a different workstation or even a server, contact me and I will setup a special package for you.

Q: Can I ask questions any time or do I have to wait till the Thursday night Web Conference?
A: You can ask me a question anytime via email. I strive to answer all questions in an average of a half hour or less but it depends on the timezone you are in and how much I have on my plate at the time. I make every effort to answer questions as quickly as possible however. Thursday nights are good for live demonstrations, both from myself as well as when you test out of modules in order to get your resume bullet items.

Q: Do I have to go in order or can I go to learning modules in any order?
A: You can go in any order but I ask people to keep in mind that the order of the modules has been defined such that earlier modules build you up so that you are prepared for later maodules. I can test people out of modules as fast as they can show me in a shared lab session that they are ready to move on to more advanced topics.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, checks (yours or from your employer if they are paying for it).

Q: When can I start?
A: Anytime. As soon as you register, I begin preparing your login to the full course, creating your dedicated servers in the lab that you will manage remotely and preparing your at-home Sun workstation that comes with the course.



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