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Solaris 10 Certification
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Congratulations! It takes courage to make an investment of both time and money that will bring numerous benefits to you and your family. As you embark on this journey we need to make sure that you know what is really involved.

  • You are going to receive unlimited, 24x7x365 access to all the Solaris and Solaris related training you need to succeed in your career. If additional instruction on topics not officially covered are needed to help get you promoted or hired, I will create custom learning material or conduct web conference lectures to fill in that gap at no expense to you.
  • You will get unlimited access to the Marz Sun workstation and server lab.
  • You will get a refurbished Sun workstation shipped to you that will be capable of running Solaris 10. (Only for students pursuing senior level Sysadmin status).
  • You will get expert help from Steve via email any time, with a turnaround time generally of a couple hours or less depending on day of week and time zone of the student.
  • You will get two dedicated Solaris 10 servers that are yours and yours alone for the entire time you are enrolled in the course. If you need a third or a fourth server, email me and I will set you up with more servers. We will discuss why you need more servers to make sure you really need them and this will introduce you to server farm architectural design.
  • You know that it will take about 500 hours of study to make the most out of this course. This will likely take about six months, depending on how much time you put in per day and number of days per week.
  • You will not get certified on any module or have the resume bullets released to your online bio until I have personally witnessed you demonstrate your skills and knowledge in a shared lab session where we both see the same command shell. If you don't pass a module the first time you can always test out after reviewing that module.
  • I will not stop teaching you till you reach the goal you define before starting the class. Click the appropriate "Start Now" button below and you will be redirected to a secure form (https) for insertion of your credit card info. Note: The page you are on now is not encrypted because no personal information or credit card info is inserted on this page. The next page where you enter your card details is a fully secure ecommerce site.

    After your purchase you will receive a receipt via email. Next, your login to the course and your personal Solaris container will be created and all necessary information emailed to you. This will generally take approximately twenty four hours.

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