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Another part of becoming a good UNIX Admin (and a well paid one at that), is having someone look over your shoulder and provide guidance. I present training in the weekly web teleconferences that you will attend. You don't have to be at every session, but when you have questions or want me to demonstrate something we can do that together in the Webex session. I "look over peoples shoulder" from Mountain Top, PA even when people are in Australia via the shared desktop in the web teleconference. Take a look below.

Shared lab view

When you and I can see the same window at the same time, in effect, I am looking over your shoulder, showing you techniques and clarifying topics. This shared view is also used when you show me that you can do a certain task and I can then certify you on that topic. Then your resume (or CV for you folks over seas) gets the bullet items indicating you know your stuff and you have the confidence that you can prove you know your stuff when you go into the interview.

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